«La mia casa a Novara è sempre disposta a riceverla […]». Giuseppe Morozzo della Rocca, Bishop of Novara, and Antonio Rosmini (1828-1842)

Giacomo Lorandi


This paper analyzes in its various aspects the relationship between the abbot Rosmini and Giuseppe Morozzo della Rocca, who was bishop of Novara from 1817 to the year of his death in 1842. This relationship marks the birth of the Rosminian Congregation and influences its future diffusion; we will deepen its initial dynamics and its subsequent development, passing through key moments such as the approval of the Constitutions in the geo-political context of the Kingdom of Sardinia between the Restoration and the first uprisings of the Italian Risorgimento. The concluding observations will be supported by the intense correspondence between Rosmini and Morozzo della Rocca, from which an excerpt is given below.


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Morozzo, Novara, Regno di Sardegna, Rosmini, Calvario, Domodossola

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15168/rs.v0i4.88


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