Quale vantaggio può trarre una filosofia del dialogo interreligioso dalla rilettura di Rosmini?

Francesco Ghia


Even in his encyclopaedical knowledge, Antonio Rosmini can hardly be considered a theorist of a philosophy of interreligious dialogue. However, there is in him a reflection on language as a tool structurally always open to the dimension of listening. And this is the basis for any dialogue between different perspectives. Freedom, charity, dignity of the person and religious sense are four pillars on which Rosmini builds his philosophy of religion; to guarantee a priori the condition of the existence of reality is the light of the divine present in every man. Rosmini arrives at a religiously inspired methodological individualism; this ethical-religious individualism is the most important contribution that Antonio Rosmini’s thought can, even today, offer to a philosophy of interreligious dialogue.

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Dimension of listening – Principle of charity – Dignity of the person – Religious sense – Methodological and ethical-religious individualism

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DOI: https://doi.org/10.15168/2385-216X/285


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