Antonio Rosmini Reader and Interpreter of Winckelmann’s Work

Stefano Ferrari


The essay focuses on the never-before-discussed comparison of Rosmini’s thought with Winckelmann’s work. In 1811 Rosmini began reading the French translation of the Histoire de l’Art de l’Antiquité (1781), a text that will be constantly present in all his subsequent reflections on Greek art. Over the years Rosmini consulted and used at least two other important writings by the German art historian: the Réflexions sur l’imitation des Artistes Grecs dans la Peinture & la Sculpture (1764-1765), also in its French translation, and the Monumenti antichi inediti (1768).

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Antonio Rosmini, Johann Joachim Winckelmann, Ambrogio Rosmini, Michael Huber, Joseph Anton Vogel, Giacomo Leopardi

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