From Trento to Rovereto: the First Developments of the Focolare Movement and its Meeting with the Rosminians

Elena Del Nero


The article highlights some peculiarities of the spreading process of the Focolare Movement outside of Trento, its place of origin; it then focuses on the first contacts established by the Movement in the Rovereto area. Mainly through unpublished documents,  a relationship emerges between the new ecclesial reality and the Rosminian Fathers. A particular attention will be given to the prudent and far-sighted position of the Rosminian don Carlo Pagani, charged by Msgr. Carlo de Ferrari (archbishop of Trento) to take care of the nascent local Focolare community.

Parole chiave

Movimento dei Focolari, Chiara Lubich, Carlo Pagani, Clemente Rebora, padri rosminiani, Rovereto.

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