Rosmini and Blondel as Interpreters of Aristotle

Fernando Bellelli


The research focus of this paper is to investigate the interpretation of Aristotle developed by A. Rosmini and M. Blondel. After an introduction describing the contextualization of the current state of research, the context and the method of investigation of the authors’ writings and texts about the authors and their comparison through a correct hermeneutic operation, to assume a theoretical gateway are defined. Next the Aristotle of Rosmini and the Aristotle of Blondel are analyzed. The final achievement – obtained determining the convergence between the moral form of being of Rosmini and the theoretical-practice passage from act to action in Blondel – is that Rosmini and Blondel don’t take leave from Aristotle and his theorizing but they return there and develop it as “exoteric”, which means belonging to Aristotle’s thought even if it isn’t immediately explicit.

Parole chiave

aristotele; blondel; rosmini; la via; atto; azione; intelletto agente; principio di cognizione; entelechia della poiesis; sintesismo; forma morale del sintesismo; ermeneutica; giudizio; esoterico; forma morale dell'essere

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